Gail McGrath

Gail McGrath

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Gail McGrath

Gail McGrath is the founder and Managing Director of How to Find Healthcare and How to Find a Care Home Ltd. Since its establishment in 2014, Gail has striven to provide the highest standard of service throughout, from helping clients and families looking for a care home, to the essential services provided by How to Find Healthcare within hospital discharge departments.

As an Advisor, Coordinator and Director, Gail has experience which encompasses over 16 years of working within the health care and social care sector. She has been instrumental in enabling Hospital Discharge Teams, CCGs and Social Care in easing the pressures of delayed discharges and admission avoidance and in reducing the Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC).

Gail’s vision is to continue to provide a consistent, high-quality service which is time targeted to enable the NHS, CCGs and Social Care to work seamlessly together.

Passionate about the business and the services it provides, Gail believes How to Find Healthcare is not only a service provider but also a strong and reliable partner in good times and in the more difficult situations which currently exist in the healthcare environment today.

She has assembled, trained, and mentored a highly experienced team of Coordinators and Advisors, to deliver the very best service and assistance throughout all partnerships and associations that How to Find Healthcare has.

Gail’s goal is for How to Find Healthcare to be a solution to the problems and pressures faced by Hospital Trusts, CCGs and Social Care alike in managing the Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC) and continuous improvement, striving as always to be at the forefront of professional, ethical, and diligent service provision when and where it matters.

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